RBTwalkie talkie

RBTwalkie talkie



Model LS-747 Number of channels 199 Channel spacing 25KHz/12.5KHz Working voltage DC 7.4V Frequency 136-174MHz400-470/470-520MHZ Size 56*118*37mm Weight (including antenna and battery) 246 grams

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RBT-G6 public network intercom

RBT-G6 public network intercom Full network/free calls IP68 waterproof Technical Parameters Overall Performance Motherboard Hardware Platform UIS8910 DM Dimensions without antenna: 63*40*105 Battery capacity 5200mAh 3G Working voltage 3.7V4G

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RBT-G8 public network intercom

RBT-G8 public network intercom Size 162*54*28.5mm (length x width x height) Support 32G 4G full network intercom 2.4-inch OVGA high-definition display WlFlintercom,Bluetooth headset Free Internet connection, high volume, high-fidelity output, software upgrade over the air, supports multi-platform installation. Beidou/GPS positioning, SOS alarm (optional)

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Model RBT-R3 Function: 4G public network machine All over the world regardless of distance 72 hours standby

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DMR8 Frequency: 400-480NH2 Battery capacity: 2000-AH/standard configuration》 Power: 5W DMR digital walkie talkie Dsgttalrado 126X62X37mm 260g 1P43

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