HM-98 Cable

RJ45 8PIN Microphone Replacement Cable for Icom HM-98 HM-151 HM-207 HM-207s HM-133 HM-133s HM-133V ID-5100A ID-4100A IC-2730 IC-2300H IC-V8000 ID-880H ID-800H IC-2820H IC-2720H IC-208H

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KMC32 DTMF Microphone for Kenwood Radios TM-271 TM481 TM-D710A TM-V71A NX700 NX800 TK8180 TK7360 TK8108 TK8160 Mobile Radio Remote Speaker Mic 8-Pin

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HM152 Microphone for ICOM Mobile Radios Speaker Mic IC-A110 A120 IC-208H 2200H 2300H 2820H F5012 F5122D F6061 D800H 880H V7000 V8000 8Pin RJ45

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Hmn3596a PMMN4090 Handheld Speaker with Mic Microphone Hanger for Motorola Mobile Radio EM200 EM400 GM360 SM50 Cdm1250 Cdm750 Gm300 Gm950 M1225 M200 M400 Mcx600 Sm120 Hmn3413 Rj45 8-pin Mi

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HM-36 Microphone Replacement for ICOM IC-718 IC-7600 IC-7800 IC-756 IC-735 IC-751 IC-775 IC-228 IC-229 IC-7200 Transceiver Radio Hand MIC 8 pin

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HM133V Microphone Compatible with Icom Mobile Radio IC-2200H IC-2800H IC-V8000 IC-208H IC-2820H IC-F2721D 8PIN RJ45 HM-133 DTMF Car radios Hand Mic Durable Handheld

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MH-48A6J 6 Pin Coil Cord DTMF Speaker Microphone with Button for Yaesu FT-7800R FT-8800R FT-8900R FT-7900R FT-7100M1 FT-1900R FT-2600 FT-2800 FT1802 FT-1807 Mobile Radio Hand Mic

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YAESU VX-8, VX-8DR, VX-8E, VX-8R, VX-9U Microphone

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KMC-45D Speaker Microphone for Kenwood Radios TK430 TK2000 TK3000 TK3201 TK2160 TK3202 TK2360 TK3160 NX220 NX240 NX340 NX3220 Heavy Duty Mic with Earpiece Jack

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KMC-36 DTMF Microphone with Keypad for Kenwood Mobile Radio NX-700 NX-800 NX-820 NX-920 TM-281 TM-V71 TK-868G TK-790 TK-8180 TK-7180 TK-7360 TK-8160 Car Walkie Talkie Mic (RJ45) 8 Pin

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Speaker Mic with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios BPR40 CP200D CP200 CP200XLS CP185 CLS1410 CLS1110 DTR410 PR400 RDU4100 RDU4160D RMU2040 RMU2080D RMU2080 CLS DTR RDU, Shoulder Microphone

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Motorola XTS1500

Windporting Remote Speaker Mics with 3.5mm Audio Jack, IP56 Water Resistant for Motorola XTS1500 XTS2500 XTS3000 XTS5000 MT1500 MTX1000 GP900 GP9000 HT1000 Microphone with Kevlar Reinfor

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