Other Accessories

Other Accessories


NISSEI power meter RS-50

NISSEI power meter RS-50 ​Frequency: 140-170MHz/430-470MHz Adjustment reference point: 145/435MHz Measuring function range: 0-120W Test function: Fwd/rev power, SWR Loss: 0.3dB or lower Internal impedance: 50ohm Power supply: battery "AAA"/Mic USB port Connector: S0239 Size: 70WX78HX30Dmm Net weight: 220g (no batteries)

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walkie talkie hand lanyard

walkie talkie mobile phone camera lanyard walkie talkie hand lanyard sling rope durable lanyard hand rope

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lightning arrester

CA-23RP coaxial lightning arrester antenna feeder relay base station outdoor antenna

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CA-201 Antenna Switcher

CA-201 Antenna Switcher UHF Manual Aerial Female Connector Adapter Converter CB Radio Antenna Coax Switch Feature: Zinc alloy is integrally formed, the surface is treated with baking paint, and it is anti-rust. Only support one machine to switch between two antennas. Suitable for CA-201 radio antenna. Antenna Switcher only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included! Specifications: Item Type: Antenna Switcher Size: 9.2x5x2.6cm/3.6x1.9x1.02in Material: Zinc Alloy Frequency Range: 1.8-600MHz Insertion Loss: less than 0.2dB Isolation: 50dB or more Impedance: 50 ohms Color: As shown in the picture. Quantity: 1 Pc Note: Transition: 1cm=10mm=0.39inch

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Two-way power splitter/three-way power splitter Model:GFQ-450-3 Frequency: customizable Suitable for repeaters, evenly distributed power

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Product Name: Frequency Counter Model: KM-562+ Display Type: Analog Only Range: 100-520MHz Input: 1-30W Decoder: CTCSS/DCS Battery: Lithium Ion Display: LCD Size: 55*10*2mm Weight: 160g

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NISSEI DG-503 SWR/Watt Meter Introduction: This SWR and wattmeter is very accurate for measuring forward power, reflected power and VSWR of analog and digital transceivers. Specification: Frequency range: 1.6-60 MHz / 125-525 MHz Measurements (analog mode): CW, FM, FDMA Calibration points: 28/145/435 MHz Power Range: 0 - 200W Accuracy: (+/- 5%) Minimum power for SWR: 1W Input/Output Connector: SO239 (Type-N female option) Weight (net): 750 grams Insertion Loss: Less than 0.1dB Test functions: precursor/reference power and VSWR Input/Output Impedance: 50 ohms Dimensions (W/H/D): 140 x 84 x 122mm Accessories: Operation manual, 12V DC wire Features: 1. Large LCD (3.5") display for easy reading. 2. Forward/reflected power/SWR in one button. 3. Can choose to measure DMR (TDMA), AM, SSB (DG-503MAX). 4. LCD backlight display.

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Radio/Vehicle Base Station Communication Power 13.8V/30A/PS30SWIV fourth generation Dimensions: 155 x 70 x 205 mm Weight: 1.5 kg Output voltage: 9-15V DC adjustable / suitable for fixed at 13.8V DC Output current: 30A (max) Ripple and Noise: < 10mV rms Power supply: 230V AC/50Hz Instrument type: LCD digital instrument Applicable models: YAESU/ICOM/Kenwood/Motorola and other car radios

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RS-70 Digital SWR/ Wattmeter HF 1.6-60MHz 200W for two-way radio SWR power testing

RS-70 Digital SWR/ Wattmeter HF 1.6-60MHz 200W for two-way radio SWR power testing Features: · 100% new, high quality · Brand: TENQ Power SWR meter 100% new, factory packaging, never used. Specification: Power range: 0-200W +/ -5% Frequency range: 1.6-60 MHz Impedance: 50 ohms Connector: M-J (So-239 (M)) Size: 70W x 78H x 30D mm Net weight: 220g Size: 1. Apply the output of the transceiver to "TX" and the antenna or load to "ANT". 2. "Power on" to use. 3. The LCD displays both Front Drive/Reference Power and SWR. 4. For the backlight, switch Light to On. 5.30 seconds after no function, the backlight automatically turns off. 6. Once the PTT is started, the backlight will return.

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walkie-talkie repeater / repeater duplexer

Category: walkie-talkie repeater / repeater duplexer Customizable interface: N type/M type/BNC Customizable frequency: 136MHz—500MHz Customizable power: 30W—100W Model: SGQ-150 Frequency range: 380-520 Working Broadband: ±400 Power capacity: 30W Connection form: N Send and receive interval: 10 Size: 225*154*35 Insertion loss: ≤1.5 Impedance: 50Ω Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.35 Working temperature: -20℃-50℃ Isolation: ≥75dB Weight: 1.2KG Port: Guangzhou

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Plataforma de coche GM3688 gm3688, cabezal de máquina con carcasa frontal, cabezal de panel

Plataforma de coche GM3688 gm3688, panel frontal con carcasa frontal, panel frontal con tapa de perilla de cable, placa PCB L

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GP328 key board connection short cable

Suitable for Motorola walkie-talkie GP328 GP338 GP338PLUS button board connection short cable

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