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T8000power supply

ategory: vehicle power supply / marine power supply 45A (power supply 24V to 13.8V) Model: T8000 Input voltage: DC 18V-40V Output voltage: DC 13.8V ± 0 2 V Current: 45A Line regulation: 2 × 10-3 Charging effect: 2 × 10-3 Voltage wave output: ≤150mVP-P The efficiency: ≥80% Overvoltage protection output: 16V ± 1 5 V Overcurrent protection output: 11a 1a (autorecover) Weight: 1 kg

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PS1220-MS regulated power supply Dimensions: 295*180*85(m) Total weight: 6.8kg Input voltage AC220V±10%, output voltage DC13.8V02, output current 20A, small ripple voltage, input overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection and automatic recovery functions, strong anti-interference ability, beautiful and practical , stable and reliable performance, suitable for radio transmission power below 35-75w quality assurance, product warranty for one year DC POWER SUPPLY Features 1 The output ripple voltage is small, low interference to surrounding equipment, and strong anti-interference ability. 2 Automatic overvoltage protection and automatic recovery function: If the output voltage is higher than the normal voltage range for some reason, it will automatically cut off the power output to ensure the safe operation of your machine; when the output voltage returns to normal, the 13.8V output function will be restored. 3 Automatic over-current protection function: If the output current is greater than the maximum value or the output load is short-circuited, it will automatically cut off the power supply output to ensure that your power supply will not be burned out. 4 Input reverse phase protection, when your input voltage is accidentally connected to the reverse phase when connected to the power supply, the power supply will automatically stop working to avoid damage to the power supply of your car and boat. 5 Input and output reverse connection protection: When your input and output connections are reversed, the power supply will stop working to protect your equipment from damage.

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QJE PS30SWIV switching DC power supply

QJE PS30SWIV switching DC power supply Input voltage: 110-220V AC Output Voltage: 9 – 15 V DC variable Dimensions: 155 x 70 x 205mm Weight 1.5 kg Panel Features: 1: Power switch 2: Filter noise adjustment 3: DC voltage output regulation 4: LCD display 5: Positive DC output 6: Negative DC output 7: Current indication 8: Positive and negative DC output terminals 9: Cooling fan 10: Fuse

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KDW-230A Car Radio Power Supply Feature: 1. The size is small, with streamlined shape, and whole body is fully sealed. Meanwhi

KDW-230A Car Radio Power Supply Feature: 1. The size is small, with streamlined shape, and whole body is fully sealed. Meanwhile, it is easy to carry. 2. Because of accurate incision and interface ensuring perfect applicability, it is suitable for installation location. 3. Be called as a professional power, for the car walkie-talkie, actually it is easy to install. 4. Its powerful product compatibility makes itself being suitable for a variety of car platforms. 5. Applicable car type includes for Motorola GM3188, MG3688, GM950, GM120, VX2200, VX2100, VX2208, VX2108, etc. Specification: Item Type: Car radio power supply Material: Iron Applicable Platform Size: Approx. 167 x 44mm/ 6.6 x 1.7 in (width x height) Output: 13.8V Product Size: Approx. 26 x 18 x13.5cm / 10.2 x 7.1 x 5.3 in

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