baofeng walkie talkie BF

baofeng walkie talkie BF


Baofeng UV-S9 walkie-talkie

Baofeng UV-S9 flagship version USB direct charging walkie-talkie 20W high power 50km outdoor self-driving tour walkie-talkie

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Port: Guangzhou, China Brand: Baofeng Model:BF-UV10 Frequency range: 136-174/400-520MHz Transmit power: ≤5W Channel:128CH Charging method: Type-C Operating voltage:DC7.4V Antenna impedance:50ohm Radio frequency band:76-108MHz Frequency stability:+25ppm

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Baofeng BF-UV9R PLUS walkie-talkie

Baofeng BF-UV9R PLUS walkie-talkie civilian waterproof high-power handheld outdoor self-driving cruise ship

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Baofeng Baofeng BF-H7 walkie-talkie

Baofeng Baofeng BF-H7 walkie-talkie 10W high-power civil industrial radio handheld communication equipment

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Baofeng S56

Product Model: Baofeng S56 Frequency range: VHF:136-174MHzUHF:400-520MHz Memory channel: 128 groups Battery capacity: 6000mAh<10W Output power: 688 6m58 Working voltage: 7.2V Appearance size: 11058*32MM

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BaofengBF-UV13 Waterproof. Dustproof and pressure-proof three-proof walkie-talkie Size: 123*61*38mm Material: ABS+PC Frequency Stability: +25ppm Frequency range: 136-174/400-520MHZ Channel: 999CH Working voltage: DC7.4V Antenna impedance: 50 ohms Flashlight function Battery type: 9000mAh rationale battery

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BF-V121 Walkie Talkie Mini

Baofeng BF-V121 Walkie Talkie Mini

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Baofeng BF-UV82 Walkie-Talkie

Baofeng BF-UV82 Walkie-Talkie Civilian High Power Vehicle Handheld Kilometer

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Baofeng BF-X3plus walkie-talkie

Baofeng BF-X3plus walkie-talkie self-driving travel outdoor civilian FM hand station

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Baofeng DR-1801UV

Baofeng DR-1801UV digital walkie-talkie dual-slot DMR handheld outdoor civilian handset DM1801

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Baofeng UV-5R Walkie-talkie

Walkie-talkie civilian Baofeng UV-5R km 5W8W high power car handset Baofeng 50 self-driving tour device

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Baofeng Basic Information Frequency Range of good Dawson 400-470MHz 8w 128 channels pofung Voltage Battery Type Baoyan battery capacity weight call distance 7.4V polymer battery matte black 2000mAH 220 grams 1-20 kilometers 14v0xio0o# Baofeng Intercom UV-6R Standard indivual

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